Samsung has embarked on an outstanding journey of foldable smartphones, the latest product of which is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Although the phone is very well-built, there, is nothing wrong with some extra protection, right?

Presenting before you the official Samsung case for Z Flip 3 that’s made of silicone. The case is foldable, as is the Z Flip 3 itself. It has a perfect cut out for speakers, cameras and other ports.

Its sleek design and basic colors (navy blue and white) make your phone look amazing. A strap on the back of your phone ensures a good grip when using the phone. You can buy this product from Amazon for the fantastic price of just 46 dollars and 51 cents.

Apple was the first one to remove the charging adapter from the boxes of their iPhones for “Saving the Environment”. After initially mocking this idea, Samsung later followed suit when it rolled out its Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra. Such is the case with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 that does not have a charging brick in its box.

Along with excluding the adapter, the free silicone case has also been cast away, while the in-box hand frees were discontinued a long time ago. With only a few things, the box of Z Flip 3 looks quite slim. Only the following things are found when you unbox your Galaxy Z Flip 3.

When one hears of a foldable smartphone, the first question that pops up in the mind is, ‘how will they get the screen to fold and unfold and still provide a great touch screen experience?’.

Well, Samsung unlocked the key to this, and after rolling out the original Z Flip in 2020, the Z Flip 3 has arrived that has 13% improved strength as compared to its predecessor and durability has gone up by 10%.

With these improvements, Samsung claims that according to its reliability test, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 can be folded and unfolded for an approximately 200,000 times without causing any sort of problem in the display.

This translates to an approximate 5 years of use if you fold and unfold your Flip 3 for around 100 times a day. In other words, the folding capability is probably going to outlast the device itself.

Achieving water resistance in a smartphone that folds is quite a task. Samsung achieved an IPX8 rating on its latest foldable devices, i.e., the Z Flip 3.

Although, it has a hinge, the Z Flip 3 can survive for almost half an hour in 5 feet of water without encountering any sort of hardware problems.

These, of course, are the claims by Samsung themselves. However, users who have tested the device rigorously claim that the Z Flip 3 can surpass these limitations as well.

Samsung achieved this great feat by sealing off the components of the phone with water resistant coating while the hinge has a lubricant and an anticorrosive solution to save it from rust.

In a nutshell, you need not worry if fate decides that your Z Flip 3 should go on an accidental swim.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 can charge wirelessly at an output of 10W while also being able to do reverse charging at 4.5W.

Not having a massive battery calls for convenience, and that’s where wireless charging steps. While there are many companies that provide wireless chargers, there is also one from Samsung that is durable as well as supports wireless charging for Z Flip 3.

Having a maximum output of 15W, this charger surely fulfills your needs.

If you have more than one device that need to be charged wirelessly, then instead of going for the product above, you can try this charger by LeQuiven that offers a three in one charging station.

Foldable smartphone cost a lot to make, and thus they are pricey.

The original Z Flip that had an introductory price of $1449 had to drop its price by $250 so that people would be more interested in buying a device that was not so high end but provided a new feature of being able to be folded.

Learning from such an experience, Samsung launched Z Flip 3 (128 GB variant) in August 2021 at a price cap of under a thousand bucks, i.e., $999.

As of now, Samsung has dropped another 100 dollars in correspondence with the Black Friday Sale and you can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 for $899.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has a foldable touch screen, which unlike the normal smartphones, is made from an Ultra-Thin glass.

This UTG, although much more durable than what was found in the original Z Flip, is still a bit fragile and for this reason, the Z Flip 3 comes with a screen protector installed on it already. While setting up the phone, Samsung clearly warns the users from removing the factory installed screen protector in order to ensure protection from falls and scratches.

If you are one of those who think that the company installed protector does not warrant enough protection, then you can purchase protectors for the main screen. These protectors are not from Samsung, as they claim the factory installed screen protector to be enough for daily use.

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