Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Short Summary

The attribute "ultra" could not fit better for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Be it the casing, the display, the camera or the performance, everything is simply ultra-awesome.

But of course, along with the advantages come some new downsides. For example, the battery lasts much shorter, although it even has a bit more milliampere hours to offer. Of course, the battery could have been even bigger, but the S Pen has to be stored somewhere.

Of course, there is much more to tell about this new output from the South Koreans. We'll tell you what interesting things there are to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in this article.

I liked that
We particularly liked the huge display, which even has an optional mode for 120 Hertz. The camera is also compelling. Both the zoom and the autofocus deliver great results.
I didn't like that
The camera may be extremely powerful, but the rear of the camera unit looks like a foreign body. In addition, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is extremely slippery because of the glass case and slides out of hand quickly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Appearance and Design

With the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the South Korean smartphone giant Samsung follows the trend of launching increasingly larger high-tech computers for the pocket. In addition, more and more customers want a larger display, and ideally there should be no edges at all.

This is exactly where Samsung delivers in exemplary fashion. With a height of 16.5 cm and a width of 7.7 cm, it is huge even for a large smartphone. Nevertheless, it is only 8.3 mm thick. However, the camera unit is not installed flat on the back, but protrudes about 3 mm from the back. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra does not lie flat when you put it down.

Furthermore, the smartphone is not exactly a lightweight. About 200 grams already feel heavy on the hand. Most pocket calculators weigh much less than that.

In contrast to the normal Galaxy Note 20, the Note 20 Ultra also has a glass casing out of the box. However, this has the disadvantage that the smartphone is also very slippery. Even slight inclines can send Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to the floor, and it can also quickly slip out of your hand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Display

Samsung fully relies on Dynamic AMOLED technology for the display. Even the competition knows that Samsung is the spearhead on the global market, which is why other well-known brands order their displays from Samsung. As you can already imagine, the screen of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is very impressive.

For the perfect enjoyment of videos, there is the option to increase the refresh rate to 120 hertz. However, this does not run in the highest available resolution, but only in the reduced Full HD+. This mode also consumes considerably more power.

In return, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's display shows its strengths as soon as the sun shines directly on it. While you can hardly recognize anything on many other smartphones, you can still see a crystal-clear picture on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Storage

The memory of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a lot to offer. The smartphone's working memory is already impressive with its 12 GB. In addition, there is an internal memory for your photos, videos and many other files. This is optionally 256 or 512 GB.

But that is by no means the end. If this amount of data is not enough, you can even increase the storage with an external memory card. So, if you want to save some money, it is worth buying the cheaper 256 GB model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Battery

While the display is one of the South Korean tech company's strengths, Samsung's battery is usually less convincing. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is no exception.

Sure, we understand that such a high-tech screen also consumes a lot of power. But then a battery with just 4,500 mAh might not be the best choice. The battery life is about eleven hours in normal mode, but it is only about nine hours in 120 Hertz mode. It even ends after eight hours when the smartphone is used intensively. If you have longer trips ahead of you, you can only hope to get access to a power socket.

In return, the phone can be charged quite quickly. The competition is a bit ahead here as well, since Samsung only supports 25 watts. Other smartphones can even double the power without any problems. It takes about one and a half hours to bring the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra from 0 to 100 percent.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also supports charging via induction. However, only with 15 watts, so the complete charging still takes a bit longer than with the cable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera

As we already mentioned in the design, the huge block of the camera unit on the rear side is clearly noticeable. They are even immensely large, but this is due to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has an extremely strong zoom. Although the telephoto lens is already impressive in the Galaxy S 20 Ultra, it is even more convincing in the Note 20 Ultra. You can also achieve an optical 5x zoom with this smartphone from South Korea.

Especially the main camera is convincing. A whole 108 megapixels await you, and the sensor also has an outstanding autofocus. Even in zoom mode, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra manages to focus as fast as lightning.

The rear camera unit is completed by the ultra-wide-angle camera with 12 megapixels. In addition, there is a front-facing camera for selfies that also delivers high-quality pictures with about 10 megapixels.

You can also shoot smooth and high-resolution videos with this smartphone without problems. Up to 8K is possible, but if you want the smoothest possible picture with 60 fps, then 4K is more advantageous. 


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has quite a few advantages to offer. We particularly liked the huge display, which even has an optional mode for 120 hertz. In addition, the camera is extremely powerful. Both the zoom and the autofocus deliver. Above all, the fact that Samsung gives you the option to expand the storage with a microSD card is a big plus.

However, we cannot take our eyes off the drawbacks either. While the camera may be extremely powerful, the camera unit looks like a foreign body on the back. In addition, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is also extremely slippery due to the glass casing and quickly slips out of the hand.

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