Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Short Summary

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is already the fourth model of Samsung's Galaxy S20 series that you can get on the market. However, this smartphone also has a special feature that is already hidden behind the abbreviation "FE". This means "Fan Edition", as you can already guess, the South Korean tech company wants to primarily address its hardcore fans with it.

Basically, Samsung has taken all the wishes and criticisms of their customers into account. Moreover, the South Koreans have implemented them as well as possible. Of course, this does not mean a mega-fast processor at an affordable price, but rather the design. Nevertheless, the guys and gals from Samsung have really put in the work to convince their most loyal customers.

But what exactly makes this model stand out and how does it differ from its competition from the same series? You'll find out this and more in the report.

I liked that
Beautiful Color choices. Improved Battery life.
I didn't like that
Housing made of hard plastic, doesn't give you a premium feel.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Appearance and Design

The first striking innovation is the color selection. While the regular Galaxy S 20 was only available in three colors, you can choose from as many as six on the Galaxy S 20. If you prefer something more gaudy, you are at the right place, as well as if you prefer simple and inconspicuous colors. Only the classic black will not be available for this model.

The case is made of hard plastic. This is extremely robust and can withstand the odd fall. In addition, your fingerprints will not be visible on the surface very quickly.

In addition, the smartphone lies beautifully in the hand and feels really grippy. Everything is firmly manufactured and nothing wobbles awkwardly. Even though other high-quality smartphones rely on glass casings, the Galaxy S 20 FE does not have to hide.

A big difference compared to the other models of the S 20 series is the display bezel. It is slightly larger than in the S 20 Plus, which is most suitable for comparison with the S 20 FE in terms of smartphone size. While the screen covers more than 90% of the surface in the S 20 Plus, it is only about 85% in the S 20 FE.

Of course, this does not make the smartphone look as elegant, but many customers also wanted to be able to attach protective films without problems. This is hardly possible with smartphones that barely have a display edge.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Display

The display of the Galaxy S 20 FE has a larger screen than the normal version of the series. While the latter only has a screen diagonal of 6.2 inches (about 16 cm), the Galaxy S 20 FE comes with a whole 6.5 inches. Only the S 20 Plus and S 20 Ultra models are a bit bigger.

The South Korean company once again proves that Samsung belongs to the spearhead in the field of displays with this model.  Once again, they rely on the Super AMOLED technology.

The refresh rate is 60 hertz by default. You can also optionally switch it to 120 hertz if you want to watch smooth videos, for example. However, this also consumes considerably more power, and the battery lasts about one and a half hours shorter.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Storage

How big the working memory is depends on which model of the Galaxy S 20 FE you choose. The 128 GB variant comes with a working memory of 6 GB, while the version with an internal storage of 256 GB even offers a RAM of 8 GB.

You cannot expand the storage in most models of the Galaxy S 20 FE. Only the 4G version with 128 GB of internal storage has an extra slot for another SIM card, which you can also use for a microSD memory card. Unfortunately, all 5G versions and the variant with 256 GB of internal storage do not offer this advantage.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Battery

Samsung has improved the battery in particular. This is generally the weak point of the South Korean smartphone manufacturer. Although the competition is still a bit ahead in terms of battery performance, the battery lasts noticeably longer than the original Galaxy S 20.

The battery lasts for about 14.5 hours in normal mode at 60 Hertz. In 120 Hz mode, it is only about 13 hours, but you can still work much more reliably than with the original model.

If you want to charge the battery, you can do so with a power adapter as well as via induction. However, power supplies are only supported up to 25 watts. The battery is fully recharged within about 90 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Camera

The camera is, as you would expect from Samsung, on an extremely high level. There are a whole three camera sensors. Besides the powerful main camera, there is also a wide-angle camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera with 12 megapixels each. There is also an additional lens that enables a triple hybrid zoom. However, this only offers a slightly lower quality of 8 megapixels than the other sensors.

Especially in terms of pictures, the Samsung does not have to hide from the original model. Even in poor light conditions, you can still take wonderful pictures.

Furthermore, you can also shoot videos excellently with this smartphone. The image stabilizer in particular helps you to record your self-made movies as shake-free as possible.

The maximum resolution for videos that you shoot with the Galaxy S 20 FE is 4K. This is perfectly sufficient for smartphones. Moreover, the recording is also wonderfully smooth with 60 fps.


The Galaxy S 20 FE, made especially for Samsung fans, can completely convince in so many points. In particular, the high performance is impressive for a comparatively cheap smartphone.

In particular, we can call the high battery runtime compared to the original model a big plus. In addition, there is the convincing quality of the pictures that the powerful triple camera shoots.

Some people might be bothered by the hard plastic casing. It does not look particularly elegant, but it holds a lot more than one made of glass. Above all, the fact that not every fingerprint is immediately visible makes hard plastic an ideal alternative.

In return, the screen's bezel is a bit thicker. Furthermore, the internal storage can only be expanded via a micro-SD card in a certain model.

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