Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 what comes in the box?

Written on November 23, 2021

Apple was the first one to remove the charging adapter from the boxes of their iPhones for “Saving the Environment”. After initially mocking this idea, Samsung later followed suit when it rolled out its Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra. Such is the case with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 that does not have a charging brick in its box.

Along with excluding the adapter, the free silicone case has also been cast away, while the in-box hand frees were discontinued a long time ago. With only a few things, the box of Z Flip 3 looks quite slim. Only the following things are found when you unbox your Galaxy Z Flip 3.

  • Your Z Flip 3 (wow, that’s a surprise!)
  • A User Guide Booklet
  • A USB-C type cable
  • A SIM ejector tool

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